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You know your child needs a doctor when they're sick. But what about when they're healthy? Wellness visits are very important to your child's overall development and well-being. During your child's physical exam, a pediatric doctor at Acadiana Pediatrics, LLC will check to make sure your child is meeting growth and development milestones. We'll review their growth charts and discuss their progress with you.

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What does a pediatric doctor look for during wellness exams?

What does a pediatric doctor look for during wellness exams?

When you arrive at our office in the Rayne, Crowley, Scott, and Church Point, LA areas, a pediatric doctor will check your child's height, weight and other physical signs. We'll ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us track their development. Well-child exams can help:

  • Reduce the number of hospitalizations your child will have: The American Journal of Managed Care reported that children who miss wellness visits are more likely to be hospitalized.
  • Spot developmental delays: Tracking developmental milestones helps doctors correct any health problems early on.
  • Uncover the source of other problems: Poor performance in school is often linked to unseen medical conditions that wellness visits can pinpoint.

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